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Zaphir Blue Moon

Zaphir Blue Moon Winter is coming

Zaphir Blue Moon Winter. Winter is coming

1 month ago
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Zaphir Twilight

Zaphir Twilight Autumn or Fall

Is it Autumn or Fall? Gaiachimes explains.

2 months ago
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Koshi Ignis

Why doesn't my wind chimes chime?

Your chime is not chiming properly? We explain why.

5 months ago
133 view(s)
Koshi and Zaphir compared

Koshi chimes compared to the Zaphir chimes

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Koshi chime and a Zaphir chime?

We help you out and explain the differences.

7 months ago
801 view(s)
Zaphir Sunray

Zaphir Sunray - Summer is here

Summer is here - the Earth being tilted its farthest towards the sun with the Summer Solstice coming ahead. We enjoy the long days and the beautiful sunshine.

Therefore the Sunray comes in a beautiful yellow.

7 months ago
103 view(s)
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