Have you ever wondered why the Koshi Chimes are so special?

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Have you ever wondered why the Koshi Chimes are so special?

The Koshi wind chimes are tuned to perfection and enhance the sounds of nature. The chimes help creating a flow of positive energy. Wind chimes that are not in tune can create the opposite energy flow. This is what chinese buddist monks discovered thousands of years ago. They also used chimes to express emotions and create a peaceful harmonic athmosphere. 

The Koshi chimes come in four different tunings and help to counteract negative energy flows from the surroundings.

Click below and listen to the sound of Koshi.

Each Koshi produces it's own sound influenced by the 4 elements with it's own timbre.



TERRA - Element Earth

IGNIS - Element Fire

AQUA - Element Water

ARIA - Element Air

The Koshis sound wonderful when all play together!

Measurements: ca. 6,3 cm im diameter / ca. 16,5 cm height

Koshi notes

Aria: a c e a b c e b

Ignis: g b d g b d g a

Terra: g c e f g c e g

Aqua: a d f g a d f a

Each Koshi comes in its own gift box

Measurements: 6,3cm x 6,3cm x 20cm

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