Koshi® Chimes Ignis Fire Original. Made in France

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Awaken your potential with the Koshi Ignis and the element Fire. The Koshi Ignis is a fascinating chime that establishes a deep connection to the element of fire, which represents creativity, and renewal. The powerful tones 'Energy of Fire' of the Koshi Ignis create an energizing atmosphere and promote a deep connection to our inner fire and passion. 


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This extraordinary Koshi offers not only a wonderful sound but also a wide range of applications in sound therapy, yoga, Feng Shui, and mindfulness exercises.

In sound therapy, the Koshi Ignis is used to represent the element of fire and activate its associated energies. The warm and dynamic sound of the wind chime stimulates life energy and promotes vitality and liveliness. Sound healing harmonizes the body, mind, and soul through the healing power of sounds and vibrations. The powerful and passionate sounds of fire ignite inner energy and transform blockages.

The Koshi Ignis can serve as a companion for meditation and mindfulness exercises. The powerful tones of the wind chime create an energizing atmosphere and promote a deep connection to one's inner fire and life force. The Koshi Ignis supports igniting their energy, awakening their passion, and focusing on their inner strength. It helps ignite the fire within them and inspires them to push their limits and fulfill their full potential.

Feng Shui
The Koshi Ignis plays a significant role in creating a harmonious living environment. The fire element represents passion, activity, and energy. By using the Koshi Ignis, these positive qualities can be activated and enhanced. The wind chime is placed in places where fire energy is needed to make a space lively and vital. It creates a stimulating and inspiring atmosphere that promotes the growth of ideas, creativity, and passion. A balanced fire element is important to activate energy and enthusiasm in areas of career, fame, recognition, creativity, and love. It can help boost spirit and motivation, foster self-confidence, and attract success.

In a spiritual sense, fire represents enthusiasm, inspiration, and excitement. It can encourage us to pursue our passions, ignite our creativity, and pursue our goals with determination. Fire also brings light to darkness and can help us embrace change and growth.

In an astrological context, the sun is the center of our solar system and symbolizes light, warmth, and vitality. It represents the radiant fire that provides life and energy. The sun signifies self-confidence, leadership abilities, and creative potential, playing a significant role in our personal development and identity.

Awaken your potential with the Koshi Ignis.


TERRA - Element Earth
IGNIS - Element Fire
AQUA - Element Water
ARIA - Element Air

The Koshis sound wonderful when all play together!

Measurements:  ca. 6,3 cm im diameter / ca. 16,5 cm height

Koshi notes

Aria: a c e a b c e b

Ignis: g b d g b d g a

Terra: g c e f g c e g

Aqua: a d f g a d f a

Each Koshi comes in its own gift box

Measurements: 6,3cm x 6,3cm x 20cm

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Customer Reviews

Gaia chimes
Review by
These are the most beautiful chimes. I listen to them before I meditate and I feel my self being knit together as I Truly Am. Also I would like to thank the staff who tracked my order until it safely arrived.
Sophies light and love salutations were a sweet way of saying whats really important.
Koshi Fire Windchime
Review by
I have wanted a wind chime for a long time to help me relax in the garden. I'm so pleased I didn't jump in and buy a standard one from a garden centre or hardware store. This product is amazing. The sounds are just beautiful and remind me of a yoga or spa session. Highly recommended
a lovely gift
Review by
I bought this as a gift for a friend, it is beautifully crafted and the sound is exquisite, I will definitely be purchasing one for myself in near future. The customer service was brilliant and very accommodating.
Truly Magical....
Review by
I have finally gotten around to treating myself to one of these beautiful looking & sounding chimes.
I haven't been disappointed.I adore the look of it & as for the sound,it really is a truly beautiful.
I love it that much,I can't quite bring myself to put it outside as I don't want it to face the elements that the British weather will throw at it.
I have decided to put it in my Zen Den to enjoy with my yoga & Tai Chi practice...
Love,love,love it.Thank you
Review by
i bought both Ignis & Aria chimes and we loved the tune of every single bit. Its very soothing & calm to the ears. No regrets buying, especially from Gaia Chimes whom shipped out on time.
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