Set of 4 Zaphir Chimes Crystalide, Sunray, Twilight, BlueMoon 4 Seasons

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Zaphir chimes are well known for their crystal clear sound, beautiful colors and their meticulous craftmanship. Discover the 4 Seasons with their different magical melodies.  The Zaphirs offer a unique sound of bliss an abundance. Handmade in France.

The season set of 4 chimes, according to elements of Feng Shui: Crystalide, Sunray, Twilight and Blue Moon


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Zaphir chimes are a wonderful companion for sound healing, meditation, mantra chanting, smudging rituals and sound massages or for a lovely sound at home. Hear our sound samples below. Each Zaphir chimes offers its own unique power.

Crystalide (Spring): The clear and pure sound of the Crystalide chime resonates with the Crown chakra, promoting spiritual connection and higher consciousness. The Crystalide sound is perfect for soundhealing and mindful exercises. It represents Mother Nature (Gaia)

Sunray (Summer): The joyful and bright sound of the Sunray chime corresponds to the Solar Plexus chakra, boosting personal power, confidence, and self-esteem. The sound of the Sunray is a lovely companion for mindful exercises and soundhealing and Yoga due to it's fresh sound.

Twilight (Autumn): The gentle and calming sound of the Twilight chime harmonizes with the Root Chakra, The Twilight has a slightly deeper base melody and some high overtones reminds of a sunny autumn walk. The Twilight chime impresses with its harmonious combination of deeper and higher tones. The alternating deep and slightly higher tones create a wonderfully relaxing experience without losing too much focus. It is ideal for mindfulness training and can also be used for muscle relaxation exercises, especially in group settings.

Blue Moon (Winter): The deep and introspective sound of the Blue Moon chime is associated with the Third Eye chakra, enhancing intuition, insight, and inner wisdom.  The Blue Moon is particularly recommended for the Twelve Holy Nights (Yule). The Blue Moon is the best choice for meditation and deep relaxation, even before falling asleep.

In relation to Feng Shui, and the 4 seasons Spring, Summer, Atumn and Winter these Zaphir chimes are available in these wonderful tunings:

Crystalide: G A B D A G B D (Spring)

Sunray: G# B C# E G# E A C# (Summer)

Twilight: E G B C E G B C (Autumn)

Blue Moon: D F A B C E A# C (Winter)


Crystalide - Spring Season 

Sunray - Summer Season

Twilight - Autumn Season

Blue Moon - Winter Season

The 8 metal cords of different lengths are welded with silver into the metal ring at the base and precise tuning ensures a harmonic interaction of tones and overtones.

Move your Zaphir chime gently holding it by its cord or suspend it and it will play with the wind carrying you away in an unexpected melody. We also have a lovely Premium Chine Stand for you. Zaphir chimes are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Diameter: 2.48 in / 6.3 cm
Height: 6.49 in / 16.5 cm

Most of the materials used are recyclable, natural and of EEG origin / standards. Handmade in France.
The beautiful colorfinish of paint and varnish is environmentally friendly, wooden parts are waxed.

Note: Although the in-and outside of the Zaphir chime is protected, weather conditions may have an effect on the chime. A regular treatment with varnish or oil will help to protect your chimes.

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They arrived right away and I love them!
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Thank you for the speedy turn around, brilliant at this time of year. I absolutely LOVE them, and so did my meditation class this morning.
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Love these chimes! Sounds crystal clear, and in tune. Beautiful sound and design. Great for sound baths, or to play around the house. Gaia has the best prices on these that I have found.
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These chimes are amazing!
They sound like heaven and are very well made!
Postage was very fast. Hassle free transaction.
Highly recommend!

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