Zaphir and Koshi chimes tunes compared

Zaphir Sufi
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Zaphir and Koshi chimes tunes compared

Here you get a quick overview of the Koshi and Zaphir tunings.

If you are interested in a Koshi chime but like it a bit more colorful it is worth to take a look at the Zaphir chimes. We give you a quick overview which chimes are similar.

1. Koshi Aqua - Zaphir Sufi - Zaphir Blue Moon
The Element Water is represented with the Koshi Aqua. It symbolizies emotional flow, intuition, and adaptability.

The Sufi (Intermediary) is very similar in the tunes as you can see. It is perfect for sound healing or dream journeys, the tuning is very relaxing. The Blue Moon represents the Winter and is the deepest tuning from Zaphir but is still a little similar to the other two so the Blue Moon fits best in this group for comparison..

Koshi Aqua: A D F G A D F A  

Zaphir Sufi: F A D F A G A D (Intermediary Season)

Zaphir Blue Moon: D F A B C E A# C (Winter)

You willl find the direct sound sample comparison for the Aqua, Sufi and Blue Moon here

2. Koshi Aria - Zaphir Sunray

The Koshi Aria represents the Element Air. It stands for communication, freedom, and the winds of change. The tune is very light and friendly with many overtones.

The Zaphir Sunray here in direct comparison comes in a lovely golden-yellow marbled Shanti desing, represents the season Summer. It evokes images of cozy evenings on the balcony, warm summer nights spent outdoors, the gentle pattern of summer rain

Koshi Aria: A C E A B C E B

Zaphir Sunray: G# B C# E G# E A C# (Summer)

You willl find the direct sound sample comparison for the Aria and Sunray here

3. Koshi Terra - Zaphir Twilight
The Koshi Terra, representing the Element Earth stands for fostering stability, growth, and rootedness. We recommend it for the zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Earth symbolizes the foundation on which everything can thrive - Mother Earth (Gaia). The Terra is a wonderful chime for sound healing and Chakra Meditation. We recommend both of the chimes, the Terra und Twilight for the Root Chakra.

The Twilight represents the season Autumn and has a lovely red-gold-marbled Shanti Design. This melody is often underestimated we believe. It is very relaxing but has here and there some lovely overtunes but not too much. It is great for mindfulness training sessions or muscle relaxation.. The melody is relaxing but you do not loose too much focus.

Koshi Terra: G C E F G C E G 

Zaphir Twilight: E G B C E G B C (Autumn)

You willl find the direct sound sample comparison for the Terra and Twilight here

4. Koshi Ignis - Zaphir Crystalide
The Koshi Ignis represents the Fire Element. It stands for reativity, passion and renewal. It has a warm and dynamic sound which will help you to focus on your inner strength. It is a nice addition as the Element Fire in Feng Shui and also a great chime for yoga.

The Zaphir Crystalide represents the Season Spring. Nature awakens in it's woderful golden-green Shanti Design. Nature is coming back from winter and you can feel the energy rising again after the winter slumber. This melody is very dynamic and jubilant.

Koshi Ignis: G B D G B D G A

Zaphir Crystalide: G A B D A G B D (Spring)

You willl find the direct sound sample comparison for the Ignis and Crystalide here

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