Invoking Koshis Elemental Energies

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Invoking Koshis Elemental Energies

Invoking Elemental Energies

The Koshi Ignis wind chimes evoke the energy of fire, representing transformation, passion, and renewal. Let their crackling sounds spark the flames of inspiration within you.

The Koshi Aqua wind chimes resonate with the energy of water, symbolizing emotional flow, intuition, and adaptability. Allow their fluid notes to guide you through the currents of your emotions.

The Koshi Terra wind chimes carry the grounding energy of the earth, fostering stability, growth, and rootedness. Let their solid tones anchor you amidst life's fluctuations.

The Koshi Aria wind chimes themselves are closely tied to the element of air, representing communication, freedom, and the winds of change. Let their breezy melodies remind you to embrace the flow of life.

Of course you can get all 4 Elements at a special price

You will find all audio samples right below the description

We also give you an overview about the notes and tunings

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