Koshi Terra with Koshi Ignis together - Earth and Fire Sound Sample

Koshi Terra with Koshi Ignis together together sound sample
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Koshi Terra with Koshi Ignis together - Earth and Fire Sound Sample

Koshi Terra with Koshi Ignis together - Earth and Fire - Vitality, Inspiration & Passion


Manifestation and Creation: Earth is often associated with the material world, physical manifestation, and the ability to bring ideas and intentions into tangible form. Fire, representing passion, drive, and creative energy, infuses these manifestations with vitality, inspiration, and a spark of life. The combination of earth and fire supports the process of manifesting goals, dreams, and desires into reality.


Energy and Vitality: Fire is a dynamic and energetic element that symbolizes vitality, passion, and the life force. When combined with earth's grounding and nurturing qualities, the result is a powerful synergy that balances action with stability, motivation with practicality, and creativity with structure. The combination of earth and fire can provide the energy, drive, and determination needed to pursue goals and projects while maintaining a strong foundation and sense of purpose.


Purification and Transformation: Fire is often seen as a purifying force that burns away impurities, negative energies, and obstacles, allowing for transformation and renewal. Earth's grounding energy helps to stabilize this transformative process, providing a solid base from which to navigate change and growth. Together, earth and fire facilitate a process of purification, releasing stagnant energy and paving the way for new beginnings.

Balance and Harmony: When earth and fire are in balance, they create a harmonious relationship that supports both the physical and spiritual aspects of our being. Earth's stability and grounding qualities help to temper fire's intensity and volatility, creating a harmonious flow of energy that promotes growth, creativity, and personal evolution.

The sound of the Koshi Terra and Koshi Ignis together is a real potpourri. If you listen carefully, both chimes are creating a base melody, the higher notes from the Ignis and the deeper notes of the Terra give it a very wide range of tunings. The Terra and Ignis create a lovely melody with highter and deeper notes.  Just listen for yourself:



Koshi Terra - Element Earth
G - C - E - F - G - C - E - G
The distinct notes in the Earth chime beautifully evoke the grounding and stabilizing aspects of the Earth element. These melodious tones create a tranquil atmosphere that effortlessly transports you to a place of rootedness and calmness.

The Koshi Terra can help strengthen the Root Chakra, leading to an overall sense of stability, security, and comfort. The earthy and stabilizing sounds of the Earth in sound healing anchor us in the present moment, promoting a feeling of safety and centeredness.


Koshi Ignis - Element Fire
G - B - D - G - B - D - G - A
Representing the element of fire, the Ignis   chime emits a passionate and fiery melody. This vibrant and energetic tune ignites a sense of enthusiasm and creativity, infusing your outdoor space with warmth, vitality, and an invigorating ambiance. The captivating melodies of the Ignis stimulate your senses, inspiring a dynamic and passionate atmosphere wherever it resonates.


The Koshi Ignis plays a significant role in creating a harmonious living environment. The fire element represents passion, activity, and energy. By using the Koshi Ignis, these positive qualities can be activated and enhanced. 


Drums and flutes are alway a lovely companion for this melody but we find that many instruments fit for this lovely melody, just try it out.

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