Zaphir Spring & Autumn Set - Crystalide & Twilight

Zaphir Crystalide & Zaphir Twilight
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Zaphir Spring & Autumn Set - Crystalide & Twilight

These 2 Zaphir chimes in the Shanti Design play a wonderful dynamic and active sound together which is not too high in the overtones.

The Crystalide and Twilight together are not as rich in the overtones as the Crystalide and the Sunray together, if you directly compare them.

The Twilight represents the Fall and is a very good mixture in general. It has a perfect balance of higher and lower tunes. If you combine it with the Crystalide which represents the Spring you can hear the overtunes of the Crystalide here and there kicking in but it is still very melodic.

It is a melody which reminds of the sunny days in Fall, when the sunshine comes through the trees and suddenly you see some animals moving here and there in the woods.

If you like a fresh melody which is not to high or deep, these two together are fantastic. Not only the sound, also the look in the Shanti-Design.

This is one of our favorite combinations.

Listen to the Zaphir Crystalide & Zaphir Twilight here, we made a sound sample for you:

Crystalide: G A B D A G B D (Spring)

Twilight: E G B C E G B C (Autumn)

Made in France

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