Zaphir Chime Twilight Autumn Season Red. Made in France

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The Zaphir Twilight with a slightly deeper base melody and some high overtones reminds of a sunny autumn walk.  In its magnificent red-gold-marbled Shanti design, it is also visually stunning and fits the autumn perfectly.


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Sound Healing
The Twilight chime impresses with its harmonious combination of deeper and higher tones. The alternating deep and slightly higher tones create a wonderfully relaxing experience without losing too much focus. It is ideal for mindfulness training and can also be used for muscle relaxation exercises, especially in group settings.

The color red represents love, passion, courage, and strength. It heals and nourishes our souls, reminding us of the powerful healing force of love. Red is often perceived as stimulating and activating during meditation. The color red stimulates our survival instincts and primal energy. It reminds us that we are nourished and supported by the Earth

In Feng Shui, the Zaphir Twilight chime can be used in the relationship area (Kua number 6) and represents the metal element. It is also ideal for promoting creativity in Kua number 7. It is a perfect companion for yoga classes as well.

Chakra Meditation
The Zaphir Twilight, representing the autumn season, is a wonderful chime for sound healing. It supports working with the chakras and energy centers of the body. We recommend using the Zaphir Twilight for the Root Chakra (Muladhara). Its intense red color awakens courage and determination.

In relation to Feng Shui, the 5 elements and seasons the Zaphir chimes are available in these wonderful tunings:

Crystalide: G A B D A G B D (Spring)

Sunray: G# B C# E G# E A C# (Summer)

Twilight: E G B C E G B C (Autumn)

Blue Moon: D F A B C E A# C (Winter)

Sufi: F A D F A G A D (Intermediary Season)

We are moving towards autumn, the most colorful and vibrant season. This blend of sounds represents the Twilight. The sound is melodically oriented slightly deeper with some higher tones. It evokes the image of a peaceful walk in the forest, where animals scurry through the fallen leaves.

If you are looking for a companion for the Twilight, we recommend the Zaphir Crystalide (spring). This combination will give the melody a fresher touch without being overpowering. We have prepared an exclusive sound sample of the Twilight and Crystalide for you.

Move your Zaphir chime gently holding it by its cord or suspend it and it will play with the wind carrying you away in an unexpected melody or purchase a wonderful stand directly with it. Zaphir chimes are the perfect gift for any occasion.

For western astrology we recommend the Twilight for the Zodiac Signs Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarius. In native american astrology it represents the West Wind: Raven, Snake and Owl.

Style: Twilight - Autumn
Tones: E G B C E G B C
Diameter: 2.48 in / 6.3 cm
Height: 6.49 in / 16.5 cm
Color: red


Crystalide - Spring Season

Sunray - Summer Season

Twilight - Autumn Season

Blue Moon - Winter Season

Sufi - Intermediary Season

Most of the materials used are recyclable, natural and of EEG origin / standards.
The beautiful colorfinish of paint and varnish is environmentally friendly, wooden parts are waxed.

Note: Although the in-and outside of the Zaphir chime is protected, weather conditions may have an effect on the chime. A regular treatment with varnish or oil will help to protect your chime.

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Customer Reviews

Not as good as koshi
Review by
Chime not as good as the koshi as paper covering a little weak. There were a couple of chips in mine
Review by
Sounds crystal clear even the cat loves it
Zaphir chimes
Review by
Beautiful quality and the best price.
I've always had great service. Would highly recommend
Beautiful sound!
Review by
I love the sound and optics! I would only say that they are a little difficult to hold because the ring is too small for my fingers and the length of the rope a little long, but I'm still learning to play them correctly.
Zaphir Autumn Twilight Chimes
Review by
Really pleased with the Zaphir Chimes; a beautiful restful sound. Thanks.

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