Koshi Chimes for Sale

Koshi Chime Set
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Koshi Chimes for Sale

The Koshis are a wonderful gift for everyone including yourself.
A birthday is coming up and you forgot a present? A baby is born into your family or you need something for a baby shower? Somebody you know has moved to another place?

Your colleague got another job and is leaving, or just because..
The Koshi chimes are a great gift for nearly every occasion. You do not need a garden or balcony, you can also use them indoors of course.

If you buy the 4 Koshi chimes set you'll save money. Perhaps your friends also like to get on or two Koshis, you can split the costs, in that case it get's even more attractive.

If you do not want to get all chimes for yourself you can pick the one you like most and give the other Koshis as a present. You'll see how hard this is though, they are beautifully hand-crafted.

You still just want 2 or 3 Koshis?
No worries, you'll also save some money if you buy at least 2 Koshis.
Just add them to your shopping cart.

Each chimes has it's own charm and astonishing melody.

Remember: You can play multiple sound samples together.

TERRA - Element Earth
IGNIS - Element Fire
AQUA - Element Water
ARIA - Element Air

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