How tall is a Koshi chime

Koshi Chime Parts and Measurements
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How tall is a Koshi chime

The O-Ring where you hang the Zaphir chime: diameter 0.75 in / 2.0cm

Top String: 3.54 in / 9.5cm

The Resonance Tube of the Koshi is 6.29 in / 16.4cm long , the diameter is 2.36 in / 6.5cm

Center String with inside Clapper:
Please note that we did not we measure the total length, just the part that comes out of the resonance tube until it meets the windcatcher. This string is 1.18 in long / 3.5cm

The drop shaped sail, also called windcatcher has a length of 1.96 in / 5.0cm

TOP to BOTTOM the Koshi chime measures 14.17in /36.4cm once you hang it up

All measurements of the Koshi chime are an approximate.

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