Zaphir Crystalide - Springtime is coming - Hello March

Zaphir Crystalide

Spring is a transition as we come from the cold winter towards the warm summer.
Therefore the Zaphir chime which represents Spring - the Crystalide - is a combination of summer and winter.

You will find a mix of tunes from the Blue Moon (Winter) and the Sunray (Summer) here.

It is not as rich in overtones as the Sunray but has more overtones compared to the Blue Moon.
The Crystalide comes in a beautiful green which represents the blossoming of nature. Nature is awakening -You can literally hear it.

If you are looking for an additional chime to the Crystalide we recommend the Sunray if you like a more dynamic melody. The Chrystalide is supporting the Sunray in the higher tunes.

For a more relaxed sound we recommend the Crystalide and the Sufi together.

7 months ago
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