Kalimbas & Sansulas

Kalimbas also called "thumb pianos" are wonderful instruments with a magical sound.

We explain how they work and show you the more powerful version of the Kalimba - the Sansula.


Hokema Sansula Basic A-Minor 432Hz
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Hokema Sansula Basic A-Minor 432Hz

The Hokema Basic Sansula is a wondferul instrument for beginners. Gaiachimes explains.

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Frequency What is it?

Perhaps you already heard people talking about frequency, but what is it?


Hokema Tuning Tool
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How to retune your Sansula

You can re-tune your Sansula or Kalimba and give it a tuning of your choice. You can do it without a 50gr hammer.
Did you know? We explain how it works.

Hokema Sansula Deluxe Renaissance Basic
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What is a Sansula

The Sansula is an innovative development of the Kalimba (also known as Sansa or Mbira).
We explain how it works, show you the different models and tell you the differences.

Hokema Kalimba
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What is a Kalimba?

Kalimbas are plucking instruments which you simply play with your thumbs. Therefore they are also called thumb pianos.

The “Mbira” or “Sansa” which are the African instruments for what we now know as a Kalimba, originated from a simple halved calabash, a turtle shell or half a coconut as a resonance body.

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